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a higher college positioned in Gastonia, NC (right regarding Charlotte, NC) on New Hope Road beside the Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins additionally the infamous Handy Pantry from the place. The largest senior high school when you look at the county because many academically willing college (supplying even more AP courses then virtually all another large schools combined). They offer the intense AP and college-level programs in which some students overload themselves with AP classes to get a higher GPA and graduate as valedictorian while completely preventing difficult classes eg AP BIOLOGY and opting to simply take AP PSYCH (aka AP SLEEPING) along with other separate research classes since they are "exceeding the curriculum" in which in fact they only study and have now no life whatsoever. Should some one actually be punished because their particular "A" is providing them with an honors credit in place of an AP credit? The college hosts the infamous greenwave mascot that will be virtually a wave thats green. Ashbrook excels throughout recreations and often wins the meeting event or perhaps is the runner up. In 2002 Ashbrook won the Football State Championship combined with State Baseball Championship. The cross town rival is Hunter Huss twelfth grade which pretty much sucks at every recreation possible. However, when the final game associated with the regular season rolls around (Ashbrook vs. Huss) your competition evens out because the two schools "Battle the Bell" that will be literally a game title to choose which reaches maintain the massive bell for the following year. Its been pretty also competition before and also this online game still earns huge crowds of people year in year out. Various other rivals include the spastic Southern Point warriors which host very much females just who seem like guys, and Forestview jaguars that are infamous for swallowing their collars and vandalizing the home of various other schools and nobody is ever going to forget when Ashbrook pupils rushed the field in one of forestview's home games with a braveheart theme. Other competitors consist of North Gaston which sucks at every recreation imaginable and it has ride your tractor to school time. . . the remainder schools are not essential. All of that issues in gastonia is when your bloodstream operates green or not. Senior women however continue the lengthy tradition of PAinter's Club where they put on overalls although the Senior young men do push-ups per touchdown we score (upper body Club). Whos your daddy?? ASHBROOK! ASHBROOK!