What does aseptic mean?

aseptic meaning in General Dictionary

An aseptic substance

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  • perhaps not prone to putrefaction nonputrescent
  • without or making use of solutions to keep free of pathological microorganisms
  • maybe not liable to putrefaction; nonputrescent.
  • An aseptic compound.

aseptic meaning in Urban Dictionary

without pathogenic small organismsUsing ways to combat disease by pathogenic microorganisms

aseptic meaning in Medical Dictionary

The absence of microorganisms. By contrast, something that just discourages the rise of microorganisms is antiseptic.

aseptic meaning in Law Dictionary

their state to be sterilized in a little location to lessen visibility.

aseptic meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1859, from a- (2) "not" + septic. As a noun from 1884.

aseptic meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Perhaps not prone to putrefaction; nonputrescent.

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  • (letter.) An aseptic compound.

Sentence Examples with the word aseptic

That it be aseptic and in a condition so sound that it is able to undertake the process of healing itself after the operation has been performed.

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