What does asciioholic mean?

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-person dependent on inserting ascii art to their twitter statuses; neglecting responsibilities to blow hours attempting to make the damn pictures fit condition & remark boxes.-as of 2010, probably an overeducated, sexually frustrated, tina fey wannabe who may have just recently discovered ascii art, unique figures, emoticons, upsidedowntext.com,etc. & thinks the lady sarcastic usage of these types of facebling translates.A little late to the game, she none-the-less cannot end herself, comparable to other internet based addictions.experts theorize that she attains a "high" when you're the very first in her as soon as hip, non-computer geek, cynical selection of fb buddies to show that such status-magic is even feasible, reliving a thrill much like being the only person understand in which that rave ended up being "going down" (c. 1991).peers discovered her first asci-art status exciting, the woman second one pretty witty... but now only feel the need to "hide" the girl on the newsfeed - many people are completely embarrassed by it.*CDC caution: asciioholics are at increased risk of discovering urbandictionary.com, fark.com, etc. along with other HTML-based diseases. Mass defriendation are warranted.