What does as is mean?

as is meaning in Legal Dictionary

adj. description of a disorder in a sales agreement in which the buyer agrees to use the home (example. household, horse, car, or device) minus the right to grumble if it is faulty. But the buyer must-have had the right to reasonable assessment, so that he/she features an opportunity to get a hold of any obvious deficiency. Deliberately concealing a known defect is likely to make a seller liable for fraud and acts to cancel the "as is" supply.

as is meaning in Law Dictionary

clause stating that a product is paid for with no guarantee. The customer takes the item since it is with any evident or nonapparent faults.

as is meaning in Business Dictionary

Term included in purchase agreements to notify the client that no present or suggested guarantee is provided. The customer therefore takes the products or property at their own threat, without recourse resistant to the seller for his or her condition or performance. 'as it is' translates into 'with all faults.'

Sentence Examples with the word as is

On the south side of the cloister we have the remains of the old refectory (II), running, as in Benedictine houses, from east to west, and the new refectory (12), which, with the increase of the inmates of the house, superseded it, stretching, as is usual in Cistercian houses, from north to south.

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