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The fighter airplanes used by the celebrity Fox staff. They are able to fire solitary lasers (which improvement to double and hyper lasers) recharged, homing shots, smart bombs, and cluster bombs (multiplayer Star Fox Assault). They also have the ability to boost, braking system, loop, u-turn, and undoubtedly, do a barrel roll. They truly are used for almost all of Star Fox 64, and parts of celebrity Fox Adventures & celebrity Fox Assault. In addition, they truly are fabled for taking straight down opponents which can be a great deal, a lot bigger than all of them. A sexy and very sharp-looking area art through the Starfox show. <3"The Arwing is a single-seat swing-wing fighter and is more effective fighter in Cornerian Defense arsenal. The Arwing's many prominent function is its Gravity Diffusion system, or G-Diffuser.The Arwing is equipped with one standard laser, though it's possible upgrade to twin lasers after which to hyper lasers for better firepower. The Arwing additionally carries Nova Bombs as secondary weaponry." 1.Below Scum 2.Dumbest thing alive. 3. animal of legend, referred to due to the absolute inept nature of the thing. 4. target. Synonoms: It, Fagzon, Booster, Mad Dawg, leet juice (WTF), bit of shit