What does arugula mean?

arugula meaning in General Dictionary

an erect European yearly Eruca vesicaria sativa for the mustard family often grown as a salad crop is harvested whenever youthful and tender

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  • erect European yearly often cultivated as a salad crop is gathered whenever young and tender

arugula meaning in Urban Dictionary

The non-descript sound someone might vocalize when they are amazed.Origin: lit. the name of a herb, but is also reminiscent of the noise heard through the orifice of the tv program, "do it yourself".Could be viewed an exaggerated huh, therefore the reverse of psshh.

arugula meaning in Etymology Dictionary

edible cruciform plant (Eruca sativa) made use of originally in the Mediterranean area as a salad; the United states English and Australian kind of the name is (via Italian immigrants) from dialectal variation of Italian ruchetta, a diminutive form of ruca-, from Latin eruca, a name of some cabbage-like plant, from PIE *gher(s)-uka-, from root *ghers- "to bristle" (identify scary). In England, the usual name is rocket (see rocket (n.1)), which can be from Italian ruchetta via French roquette. It also often is known as hedge mustard.

arugula meaning in Cooking Dictionary

A tangy, fragrant salad green with a mustard taste; frequently found in European countries, but becoming more and more well-known in united states. Arugula benefits up a salad or sauteed vegetable dish, and may typically be located in niche produce areas and supermarkets, usually in tiny bunches due to their origins nevertheless affixed.

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  • also called Rocket, Arugula is one of strangely flavored of vegetables, having a unique hot, peppery muddiness that could be an acquired taste. Younger, smaller arugula is milder; old arugula is too hot.