What does artwork mean?

artwork meaning in General Dictionary

photographs pictures or any other artistic representations apart from the writing in a printed book

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  • photographs or any other visual representations in a printed publication

artwork meaning in Law Dictionary

work or example that can be a drawing, page, painting, or pictures. Its designed to be reproduced by its instructions and shade requirements.

artwork meaning in Etymology Dictionary

additionally art-work, 1877, from art (letter.) + work (letter.).

artwork meaning in Business Dictionary

Illustrative work ready for reproduction that'll consist of drawings, hand lettering, paintings, photographs anything that is certainly not typeset as only text. The last artwork (known as camera-ready artwork) typically includes guidelines for color registration and color-matching.

Sentence Examples with the word artwork

She preferred her studio at Fairhaven, and did most of her artwork there; it simply could not fit all her work.

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