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DJ Bandwagon hopper - has got to like no matter what DJ may be the trance worlds present darlingA worthless mod on tranceaddict.com who abuses their 'posistion' by hoping to get in with DJ's with all the words, 'Hey I possess tranceaddict.com'Trys getting women in sleep by promising all of them mod liberties on tranceaddict.comhas a really little band of worshippers, two is specific, Dj Mikey Mike who's like a mini me personally of arturo and indy that has been described as stupid, an ideal follower of Arturob A stoner that would shag paul van dyk in an example. Whom uses phrases such as for instance "OMG we DIE". Thief of most things songs. Likes to touch himself while downloading songs which hasn't been circulated yet and will bum anyone that has something he wishes, before stabbing them within the straight back. Most useful use is to toss him on a bonfire, set him ablaze & laugh. Utilizes way too much stupid language & has a bunch of floridan losers backing him up