What does artistry mean?

artistry meaning in General Dictionary

Works of art collectively

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  • an excellent ability you could learn by research and training and observance
  • pieces of art collectively.
  • imaginative impact or quality.
  • creative activities; imaginative capability.

artistry meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"artistic ability," 1837, from musician + -ry; as biochemistry from chemist, etc.

artistry meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) artwork collectively.

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  • (letter.) creative impact or high quality.
  • (letter.) Artistic activities; creative ability.

Sentence Examples with the word artistry

Flint and chert were employed for knives, etc., but with none of the marvellous skill and artistry of the predynastic Egyptian flint-knapper; the early Babylonian used comparatively simple flakes and the wonderful serration of the Egyptian knives was unknown to him though he made the saw-blades.

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