What does artifact mean?

artifact meaning in General Dictionary

something of person craftsmanship applied esp on less complicated services and products of aboriginal art as distinguished from natural objects

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  • a man-made object taken as a whole

artifact meaning in Law Dictionary

1. an object that's made by hand and/or results of real human task. 2. additional information found in the info collection process .

artifact meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1821, artefact, "anything created by man art," from Italian artefatto, from Latin arte "by skill" (ablative of ars "art;" see art (letter.)) + factum "thing made," from facere "to create, do" (see factitious). The spelling with -i- is through 1884, by impact for the Latin stem. Archaeological application dates from 1890.

artifact meaning in Business Dictionary

1. Hand-made object, or other result of real human activity such as for instance a design or document. 2. Erroneous or extraneous data introduced either by the methodology utilized in information collection or by the process (such checking) found in information capture.