What does articles of incorporation mean?

articles of incorporation meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. the fundamental charter of a corporation which spells out of the title, fundamental purpose, incorporators, amount and forms of stock that might be released, and any unique faculties such as becoming non-profit. Each condition has its own system of approval of articles, prohibits brands that are confusingly comparable to those of existing corporations (so an incorporator can test title by applying to reserve the name), establishes specific needs for non-profits (charitable, spiritual, academic, general public benefit, etc), and regulates the issuance of stocks of stock. Articles should be finalized because of the incorporating individual or individuals or by the first board of directors. Major stock issuances require application on Securities and Exchange Commission. The starting point for filing and endorsement of articles of incorporation is often the condition's Secretary of State. There will be a fee and, often, a deposit of around first year's fees.

articles of incorporation meaning in Finance Dictionary

In the US, the document that your founders of a business submit towards the appropriate state for endorsement and after that a certificate of incorporation is released. Those two documents form the organization's charter which endorses its legality. Information placed in the charter includes the name of the company, purpose, wide range of authorised shares and information on administrators. The rules under that your business's interior administration runs are listed in the bylaws.

articles of incorporation meaning in Law Dictionary

The tool by which a personal firm is created and arranged under general organization legislation. Folks v. Golden Gate Lodge, 128 Cal. 257, 00 Pne. S65.

articles of incorporation meaning in Business Dictionary

United States term the standard legal document which, similar to the UNITED KINGDOM's memorandum of relationship, provides birth to a corporation. Alongside the certificate of incorporation (business's 'birth certificate') it comprises the charter that offers the corporation an unbiased existence as a legal entity. Also called articles of formation or articles of organization.

articles of incorporation meaning in General Dictionary

an appropriate document that creates a corporation; its filed with a state by the founders of a corporation and it is governed because of the legislation for the state