What does arthropod mean?

arthropod meaning in General Dictionary

among Arthropoda

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  • invertebrate having jointed limbs and a segmented body with an exoskeleton made from chitin
  • the Arthropoda.

arthropod meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1877, from Modern Latin Arthropoda, virtually "individuals with jointed legs," biological classification associated with the phylum of segmented, legged invertebrates; see Arthropoda.

arthropod meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

a pet of the phylum Arthropoda; characterized by an exterior skeleton and jointed legs. May include particular pests and crustaceans.

arthropod meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) One of the Arthropoda.

Sentence Examples with the word arthropod

The most extreme disguise assumed by the Arthropod parapodium or appendage is that of becoming a mere stalk supporting an eye - a fact which did not obtain general credence until the experiments of Herbst in 1895, who found, on cutting off the eye-stalk of Palaemon, that a jointed antenna-like appendage was regenerated in its place.

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