What does art-nerd mean?

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The look is neat and very 'done' however the mindset and emotions tend to be significantly anarchistic. Usually outspoken, open-minded, and simple for along side. Usually talkative, with common sense of humor, however some are quite bashful when away from their particular rut (being innovative). Great knowledge of songs, art, flicks, publications, and imaginative stuff from both conventional and non-mainstream news, they wish to (or have) jobs within the arts/entertainment industry. Reads widely, frequently creates over numerous creative mediums, and in some cases is very tech-literate. Some 60's impacts when it comes to fashion and iconography. Usually natural tresses color. Girls often sport pale lip tints, dark eyeshadow a la' Edie Sedgewick, while guys are often into caps and hats. Vision-challenged art-nerds usually lean towards retro or nerd style cups, many having more than two sets of specs. Fashion influences come from Librarian, Nerdcore, Geek, Punk, 60's and Edwardian.