What does art slut ArtSlut mean?

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1. somebody who enjoys the arts (perhaps not neccessarilly an artist) and is exceptionally lively and outgoing. Usually multi-talented and seemingly flirtatious. 2. outspoken creative beingNot becoming confused with art whore 1. An ArtSlut is someone who's prepared to do what it takes to advance within their innovative endeavors. It isn't dirty. It just feels good. They are smart, honest individuals who think that the arts (of most types) result in the world a significantly better & more breathtaking place. Yes. They've been more spicy, edgy & cool than most. These are the do-good, trend setters of your community & may include patrons or other types of arts enthusiasts, in addition to the creators. 2. The Art Sluts are a team of like-minded musicians; a creative neighborhood, aimed at assisting designers help on their own & to making society a far better location through beauty, be it sound, aesthetic, performance or conceptual - self-expression for the greater great.