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Roughly, a popular music design which integrates the ambition, intelligence and avant garde sensibilities of art rock using energy and spartan components of punk rock. Alternately, synonymous with post-punk or post-hardcore, but not in as awfully wide use as those terms. u000du000au000du000ayou're almost certainly to encounter one of these strange and uncommon creatures during the very early hours regarding the early morning lamenting the drop of his or her muse and drinking some good burgandy or merlot wine outside a shut cafe.certainly to have fallen out from the local art college due to becoming enclosed by lots of middle income wannabes additionally the withdrawl of the investment grants.will create leaflets for free gig seats or alcohol. will persuade you they are just carrying this out until found by a rich patron where point they will sell any axioms they have for a fast dollar.more than likely to be mistaken as being homeless.