What does arson mean?

arson meaning in General Dictionary

The harmful burning of a dwelling house or outhouse of some other man which because of the common-law is felony the harmful and voluntary shooting of a building or ship

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  • harmful burning up to destroy property
  • The malicious burning of a dwelling home or outhouse of another guy, which by the common law is felony; the destructive and voluntary firing of a building or ship.

arson meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. the felony crime of deliberately burning a house or other building. The perpetrators cover anything from mentally sick pyromaniacs to store owners looking to get insurance proceeds. Historically, arson required just the burning of a property, the good news is covers any framework. A death caused by arson is murder.

arson meaning in Law Dictionary

rson, at common-law, may be the act of unlawfully and maliciously burning the house of another guy. 4 Steph. Comm. 99; 2 Ituss. Crimes, 896; Steph. Crim. Dig. 298. Arson, because of the common-law, could be the willful and harmful burning of the house of another. The term "house," as here comprehended, includes not only the dwelling- household, but all outhouses which are parcel thereof. State v. McGowan, 20 Conn. 245, 52 Am. Dec. 336; Graham v. State, 40 Ala. 664; Allen v. State, 10 Ohio St. 300; State v. Porter, 90 N. C. 719; Hill v. Com., 98 Pa. 195; State v. McCoy, 162 Mo. 383, 62 S. W. 991. Arson could be the harmful and willful burning of your home or outhouse of another. Code Ga. 18S2,

arson meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1670s, from Anglo-French arsoun (late 13c.), Old French arsion, from later Latin arsionem (nominative arsio) "a burning," noun of activity from previous participle stem of Latin ardere "to burn," from PIE root *as- "burning, glow" (see ash (n.1)). The Old English term ended up being b

arson meaning in Business Dictionary

Attempted or actual, intentional or careless, harm or destruction of a valuable asset or property, owned by or belonging to an event other than the offender. Such damage or destruction is generally covered under property insurance coverages but as long as not dedicated because of the insured.

arson meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) The destructive burning of a dwelling household or outhouse of another guy, which by the common-law is felony; the malicious and voluntary firing of a building or ship.

Sentence Examples with the word arson

There was more arson and blackmailing than murder, though some prominent persons perished, such as the judge, Sir John Caven.dish, and the prior of Bury.

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