What does arse gravy arsegravy mean?

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A particularly noisome as a type of man excrement. Runny, smelly and never fully processed because of the reduced bowel. Often appearing soon after prolonged and energetic rectal intercourse. May be used as an expletive. This putrid and foul-smelling substance is known by ignorant term abusers utilizing the inadequate term "diarrhoea". However, we (the enlightened ones) understand that once diarrhea becomes so diarrhoeal that its persistence is similar to that of well-stirred and ready-to-consume gravy then any term except that that is a shear fallacy. But beware! This term features usually been misused to explain what may feel during production (and from a distance look) to be without any that oh therefore frequently undetected grainy/sandy texture. Take note that unless upon further evaluation it upholds a smooth, nearly creamy high quality, its simply runny shit!