What does arroyo mean?

arroyo meaning in General Dictionary

a liquid training course a rivulet

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  • a stream or brook
  • A water training course; a rivulet.
  • The dry sleep of a tiny flow.

arroyo meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"watercourse, dry streambed," 1845, a California word, from American Spanish, in Spanish, "rivulet, tiny flow," from Latin arrugia "shaft or gap in a gold my own," evidently a compound of ad- "to" (see ad-) + ruga "a wrinkle" (see harsh (adj.)).

arroyo - German to English

arroyo [Am.]

arroyo meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) A water program; a rivulet.

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  • (n.) The dry bed of a small stream.

Sentence Examples with the word arroyo

Slope of Monte Castillo, which rises above the left bank of the Arroyo del Jua.

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