What does arrian mean?

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The nearest living and sentient type much like Jesus. Knows what you're thinking, when you're thinking it yet lets you continue on your chosen train of thought without frustration or manipulation. Looks poor so that you can cause personal flippancies, then rises above like a nightmare to those lacking value, like a dream to those responding with appreciation.A mirage or 'flicker' in the life of the fortunate.Awe.

Sentence Examples with the word arrian

Rev. ii., 188 7, p. 317 seq.; Niese, Historische Zeitschrift, lxxix., 18 97, p. 1, seq.); even the explicit statement in Arrian as to Alexander and the Arabians is given as a mere report; but we have wellauthenticated utterances of Attic orators when the question of the cult of Alexander came up for debate, which seem to prove that an intimation of the king's pleasure had been conveyed to Athens.

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