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"arpit" is a word in "hindi,national language of india".It means "to give". A Hindu title fond of men, indicating "perfect" or "virtually perfect" Its a hindi name...synonymus with a guy being horny !!!!!! Arpit is generally an indian kids name. A very high and muscular person. But has the scent of shit. A lot of the boys called Arpit have got mental problems,which make them anti social.Arpit is generally with pals,taking care of their particular backs. He loves to shake peoples hand and throw them away/ fling all of them. He could be representative 009 an works the Global Contract Agency. HIGHLY INFLAMMABLEHe believes he could be immortal,but He can be damaged with A pilot,3 cows,a pool, a watermelon,German men, Some kid labeled as Tanush who is really strong,and powerful but he does not choose to show to obtain interest,He's shy..