What does arousal mean?

arousal meaning in General Dictionary

The work of arousing or perhaps the state to be stimulated

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  • awakening from sleep
  • a situation of heightened physiological activity
  • mutual intimate fondling prior to sexual intercourse
  • the act of arousing
  • The act of stimulating, and/or condition to be aroused.

arousal meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1827, "action of arousing, a being awakened" from arouse + -al (2). Intimate association is from c.1900.

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arousal meaning in Sexual Dictionary

mutual sexual stimulation prior to intimate intercourse.

arousal meaning in Body Language Dictionary

Defines changes in the autonomic nervous system including changes in heartrate, hypertension, sweating, heat, breathing, flushing and blanching.  Arousal are because of positive and negative stimuli.

arousal meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) The act of stimulating, or the state of being aroused.

Sentence Examples with the word arousal

She felt his arousal against her backside, while his other hand rested on the bare skin of her hip.

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