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(letter) originally based on the latin term armeusdickus, an armdick refers to the replacement of the dick in place of their arm. there is certainly much discussion on the proper terminology with this term. purists believe that it is "armdick" while more youthful generations have actually adopted the definition of "dickarm."this limb/phallic integration attained much popularity inside belated 2000s because of the success of this new awesome mario brothers regarding the nintendo wii. alongside the armdick in super mario sibling had been its forerunner the "dicksocket" or "deeksockeet." (see dick plug) collectively the two changed the facial skin of hands, cocks and sockets once we know it. shigeru miyamoto has commented about this by saying, "before i make deek sockeet, american not have deek with sockeet. then one time i take deek and put with sockeet. american never see it coming. hahahaha."

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as thick as an arm