What does armchair philosopher mean?

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Noun: to summarize, one who sits around and acts like they're a specialist on one thing, yet they will have had no participation or factual study of it.A typical armchair philosopher is an individual who is a whole know-it-all, typically a douchebag or self-declared intellectual. They constantly wish to look intellectually more advanced than other individuals, by constantly arguing about any topic they see in news, conversations, etc. and quoting themselves as experts about them. Most conversations with armchair philosophers contain their opinions restated as understanding, false or misheard/rumored "facts", as well as other idiocy. Particularly mentioned is just how armchair philosophers typically do-nothing to prove their cleverness: they wait regarding sidelines and make judgements in which careful analysis is required. Topics ranges from game titles on an email board toward beginnings regarding the universe. They are also acutely widespread online, where they are able to work douchey under the guise of privacy. That is a typical kind of trolling.Armchair philosophers tend to be called following the old stereotype of old rich guys in robes smoking pipelines, sitting because of the fire, pretending to learn a thing about politics.It normally notable, specifically concerning the under-descriptive and common language and baseless accusations, and the long-winded information of armchair pholisophers, that this whole definition comprises armchair philosophy.