What does armchair magician mean?

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an individual who studies and discuses the arts of magic(k), managing themself as an authority on both the useful programs plus the records behind the strategies, without much (usually not one) real experience in its use. It is someone who features probably read a lot of literature published by users (or ex-members) of the Golden Dawn and/or a lot of metaphysical principle (Chaos Magick being a common choice). Generally speaking, these individuals are presented in 1 of 2 varieties, a: the very accepting type, typified because of the declaration, "Well, it should work... theoretically" and b: the extremely pessemistic type, typified because of the statement, "You can't do THAT!". Usually, the 2nd kind is regarded as much more annoying, becoming which they tend to have an extremely bad response to any idea, theory, or method they have maybe not currently learn about in a novel that is published for over 10 years. There are, but which look for things the exact opposite, finding the rediculous a few ideas expounded by type a bordering on offensive. (a term generally utilized amongst Pagans, occultists, as well as other magic(k)-practicing folks)