What does armadillo mean?

armadillo meaning in General Dictionary

Any edentate animal if the family members Dasypidaelig particular to The united states your body and mind are incased in an armor composed of tiny bony plates The armadillos burrow inside earth seldom going overseas except at night When attacked they flake out into a ball providing the armor on all edges Their skin is good meals there are many species certainly one of which the peba is located as far north as Texas See Peba Poyou Tatouay

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  • burrowing chiefly nocturnal mammal with human body covered with strong horny plates
  • Any edentate animal if the household Dasypidae, distinct to America. The body and head are incased in an armor made up of little bony plates. The armadillos burrow into the earth, rarely going overseas except during the night. Whenever attacked, they curl up into a ball, showing the armor on all edges. Their particular skin is good food. There are several types, certainly one of which (the peba) is available as far north as Tx. See Peba, Poyou, Tatouay.
  • A genus of small isopod Crustacea that can move themselves into a ball.

armadillo meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1570s, from Spanish armadillo, diminutive of armado "armored," from Latin armatus, past participle of armare "to supply" (see supply (n.2)). So named for the tough, plated shell.

armadillo meaning in Cooking Dictionary

a-game pet indigenous toward Southwest, it offers a flavor comparable to duck.

armadillo meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) A genus of little isopod Crustacea that will roll on their own into a ball.

Sentence Examples with the word armadillo

One of the characteristic orders of the Brazilian fauna is that of the Edentata, which comprises the sloth, armadillo and ant-eater.

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