What does ark mean?

ark meaning in General Dictionary

A chest or coffer

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  • (Judaism) sacred upper body in which the ancient Hebrews held the 2 pills containing the Ten Commandments
  • a boat built by Noah to truly save their family and animals from flood
  • an upper body, or coffer.
  • The oblong chest of acacia timber, overlaid with gold, which supported the mercy seat along with its fantastic cherubs, and occupied many sacred devote the sanctuary. Inside Moses placed the two tables of stone containing the ten commandments. Called in addition the Ark associated with the Covenant.
  • The large, chestlike vessel for which Noah along with his household were preserved through the Deluge. Gen. vi. Hence: any where of refuge.
  • A large flatboat utilized on Western American streams to transport create to advertise.

ark meaning in Etymology Dictionary

Old English earc, primarily indicating Noah's but in addition the Ark of Covenant, from Latin arca "large package, upper body" (see arcane). Additionally lent in Old tall German (arahha, contemporary German Arche). From Noachian feeling comes extended meaning "place of refuge" (17c.). Because the name of a form of ship or ship, from late 15c. In 19c. U.S., specifically a sizable, flat-bottomed lake motorboat to maneuver produce, livestock, etc. to promote.

ark meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

A term generally found in the framework of care for rabbits; a little structure with a ridged roof that may be used to house rabbits.

ark meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) A chest, or coffer.

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  • (n.) The oblong upper body of acacia wood, overlaid with silver, which supported the mercy-seat along with its golden cherubs, and occupied the essential sacred devote the sanctuary. In it Moses put the 2 tables of stone containing the ten commandments. Known as additionally the of this Covenant.
  • (n.) The big, chestlike vessel for which Noah and his family members were maintained throughout the Deluge. Gen. vi. Thus: Any place of refuge.
  • (n.) A sizable flatboat applied to Western American rivers to move produce to market.

Sentence Examples with the word ark

In other words the function of the priest was not merely sacrificial (a duty which Kautzsch unnecessarily detaches from the services which he originally rendered), nor did he merely bear the ark of the covenant and take charge of God's house; but he was also and mainly (as the Arabic name kahin shows) the soothsayer who consulted the ephod and gave the answers required on the field of battle (see 1 Sam.

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