What does arithmetic mean?

arithmetic meaning in General Dictionary

The research of figures the skill of computation by numbers

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  • the branch of pure math coping with the idea of numerical computations
  • relating to or involving arithmetic
  • The technology of figures; the skill of calculation by figures.
  • a novel containing the concepts for this science.

arithmetic meaning in Etymology Dictionary

mid-13c., arsmetike, from Old French arsmetique (12c.), from Latin arithmetica, from Greek arithmetike (tekhne) "(the) counting (art)," fem. of arithmetikos "of or for reckoning, arithmetical," from arithmos "number, counting, quantity," from PIE root *re(i)- "to reason, count" (cognates: Old English, Old tall German rim "number;" Old Irish rim "number," dorimu "I count;" Latin ritus "religious customized;" see look over). Originally in English also arsmetrik, on people etymology from Medieval Latin ars metrica; spelling corrected early 16c. Replaced native t

arithmetic meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) The science of numbers; the art of computation by numbers.

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  • (letter.) A novel containing the principles with this research.

Sentence Examples with the word arithmetic

The Mathesis universalis, a more elementary work, contains copious dissertations on fundamental points of algebra, arithmetic and geometry, and critical remarks.

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