What does aristochav mean?

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an associate regarding the Uk Aristocracy which imitates the Chav:had a retarded mommy associated with Aristocracy which couln't pass her O levels,Wears real Burberry, wears genuine track suits, times females whose dads have sexual intercourse with the bisexual grandfather and dad, wears genuine bling,does coke or hangs around various other aristochavs that do coke, features low A levels, wants to rub up against eurotrash women who cannot use underware through the night groups, drinks loads,Speaks US.ghetto, and Sloan ranger, urinates on the side of clubs,breaks china at exclusive groups along with other aristochavs(simply because they can);facial similarity to the Monty Python twit.Stepmother is a famous, upper class prostitute.Tries to-be hard, but given twit project when you look at the armed forces.fights with Paparazzi.Smokes cigarettes.