What does argumentative mean?

argumentative meaning in General Dictionary

Consisting of or characterized by argument containing an ongoing process of reasoning as an argumentative discourse

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  • given to or characterized by argument
  • comprising, or characterized by, debate; containing a procedure of reasoning; because, an argumentative discourse.
  • Adductive as evidence; indicative; since, the version of items to their uses is argumentative of limitless wisdom into the Creator.
  • directed at argument; characterized by argument; disputatious; since, an argumentative journalist.

argumentative meaning in Legal Dictionary

adj. the characterization of a question expected because of the opposing attorney which does not actually seek information but challenges the truthfulness or credibility of experience. Since such a concern just isn't allowable, usually it is the basis of an objection prior to the real question is answered, much like irrelevant, immaterial or hearsay. The definition of argumentative is significantly obscure, and differing judges hear it differently. An easy example would-be "Do you think you need to pay your mistress' rent before getting up with delinquent son or daughter support?" or "you think that bloody glove just strolled over indeed there?"

argumentative meaning in Law Dictionary

In pleading. Indirect; inferential. Steph. PI. 179. A pleading is indeed called in which the statement on which the pleader relies is suggested in place of becoming expressed, or where it includes, besides proper statements of realities, reasoning or arguments upon those details and their relation to the situation in dispute, particularly must be set aside for presentation at test.

argumentative meaning in Etymology Dictionary

mid-15c., "pertaining to arguments," from Old French argumentatif or straight from Latin argumentat-, past participle stem of argumentari (see argue) + -ive. Meaning "fond of arguing" is taped from 1660s. Relevant: Argumentatively; argumentativeness.

argumentative meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Consisting of, or described as, argument; containing a procedure of thinking; since, an argumentative discourse.

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  • (a.) Adductive as evidence; indicative; as, the adaptation of items to their particular uses is argumentative of boundless wisdom in the Creator.
  • (a.) Directed at argument; described as argument; disputatious; as, an argumentative blogger.

Sentence Examples with the word argumentative

Party then by its agents prepares and presents its case in a narrative or argumentative form, annexing thereto all relevant documents.

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