What does arguendo mean?

arguendo meaning in Legal Dictionary

preparation. Latin definition "for the sake of argument," used by solicitors into the context of "assuming arguendo" that the details had been due to the fact other celebration contends, but the legislation prevents the other side from prevailing. Sample: "assuming arguendo" the judge discovers our customer, the defendant, was negligent, the other party (plaintiff) ended up being so contributorily negligent he cannot recuperate problems. In short, the lawyer is not admitting such a thing, but really wants to make a legal argument only. The phrase seems mostly in appeals briefs.

arguendo meaning in Law Dictionary

In arguing; for the duration of the argument. A statement or observation produced by a judge as a matter of debate or illustration, not directly bearing upon the ease at club, or just incidentally taking part in it, is stated (into the reports) to-be made arguendo, or, in abbreviated type, arg.

arguendo meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"in the course of argument," 1817, courtroom Latin, from Medieval Latin ablative of arguendum, gerundive of arguere "to argue" (see argue).