What does arguejumped mean?

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whenever you argue with a person plus the other individual gets their buddies, family, etc to agree with him and disagree with youThis is truly immature and quite smudged because in the event that you say 2+2=4 in which he states 2+2=5 and then gets everybody to accept him, you are officially correct but your nevertheless going to be socially wrongIf you will do this, it's because you can't take being incorrect and want is right-about every little thing like your allergic to incorrect. It's really not that bad until you gotta be pride trippin. Just develop and quit being a little kidIf your the target for this your screwed and can't win the debate because 1 individual will never persuade 3 people that acknowledge a similar thing against you, there incorrect. They think truth be told there appropriate because they comprise almost all