What does area code mean?

area code meaning in Law Dictionary

The rule in america for phone numbers. The initial three numbers identify the overall place a call is originating from or gonna. The initial digit should be lots from 2 to 9.

area code meaning in Business Dictionary

very first three digits of a nine-digit cell phone number in united states Numbering Plan, which designates a 'toll' center (geographic area which allows long-distance calling) in america and Canada, or a specific nation within the Caribbean. 1st digit of a place rule needs to be between 2 through 9, while a range might be useful for second and 3rd digit. The 3 digits after a place rule are known as the main company rule or office code, and after that four digits are called the directory site quantity, customer rule, or subscriber number.

area code meaning in General Dictionary

lots often of 3 digits assigned to a telephone location as in the United States and Canada

Sentence Examples with the word area code

The area code is Vermont.

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