What does arduous mean?

arduous meaning in General Dictionary

Steep and lofty in a literal good sense challenging climb up

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  • taxing to your utmost; testing capabilities of stamina
  • described as effort to the point of fatigue; especially hard physical work
  • hard to achieve; demanding substantial mental energy and skill
  • Steep and lofty, in a literal good sense; challenging climb up.
  • Attended with great labor, such as the ascending of acclivities; tough; laborious; because, a difficult employment, task, or enterprise.

arduous meaning in Urban Dictionary

<adj>- a significant fuckin pain within the butt.

arduous meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1530s, "hard to perform, tough to do," from Latin arduus "high, high," in addition figuratively, "difficult," from PIE root *eredh- "to develop, large" (see ortho-). Literal sense of "high, steep, difficult to rise," attested in English from 1709.

arduous meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Steep and lofty, in a literal sense; challenging rise.

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  • (a.) Attended with great work, like the ascending of acclivities; hard; laborious; as, an arduous work, task, or enterprise.

Sentence Examples with the word arduous

They began the arduous climb, puffing in the high elevation for ten minutes until the trail leveled and opened to their left.

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