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Arco represents consuming, fucking bitches rather than giving a shit. Does mean to disregard and blank out individuals. Quick for 'arcology', it self a word created by architect Paolo Soleri as a variety of the language 'architecture' and 'ecology' and which refers to the principle of creating huge, self-contained frameworks for peoples habitation. 'Arco' is usually utilized in the framework of SimCity 2000, a computer game where player can develop arcologies, that are huge, odd-looking, highly high priced frameworks that will consist of thousands of people in the individual. Three associated with the four arcologies in SimCity 2000 (the plymouth arcology, woodland arcology and launch arcology) tend to be called utilizing the term 'arco' rather than 'arcology', as the 4th simply adds the page 'd' to your word 'arco' to make 'darco' (that your game states means for Deurbanized ARcological COnstruct). Quick for asshole, for the reason that arco's logo resembles your a-hole.