What does archon mean?

archon meaning in General Dictionary

one of several chief magistrates in ancient Athens particularly by preeumlminence the very first of the nine primary magistrates

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  • one of several chief magistrates in old Athens, specifically, by preeminence, the initial regarding the nine chief magistrates.

archon meaning in Etymology Dictionary

among nine chief magistrates of ancient Athens, 1650s, from Greek arkhon "ruler," noun utilization of present participle of arkhein "to rule," from PIE *arkhein- "to begin, rule, demand," a "Gk. verb of as yet not known source, but showing archaic Indo-European features ... with derivatives arkhe, 'rule, beginning,' and arkhos, 'ruler' " [Watkins].

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archon meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) The chief magistrates in ancient Athens, particularly, by preeminence, the first associated with the nine primary magistrates.

Sentence Examples with the word archon

Arrian spent a considerable portion of his time at Athens, where he was archon 147-148.

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