What does archmere auk archmere auk mean?

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1. a complete whore just who bangs every man she sees2. daddys small rich girl3. hot damn sexxxy anyone or mixture of the following:a) anyone who has a significant amount of time on their arms, no personal life and works way too tough. probably will maybe not get as far in life as a number of their particular class mates when you look at the definitions belowb) somebody who`s moms and dads have actually excess amount on their fingers. these archmerians typically reach college in their mercedes`, strut around inside their illegal abercrombie shirts with regards to burberry purses and say stuff like "oh my god ! do you hear exactly what so -and -so performed yesterday evening? what a slut" (ironically, your ex saying this may probably get bang down her best friends boyfriend the moment she makes school when it comes to afternoon). These auks are certain to get far in life because daddy will only pay their particular way through.c) one that, if absolutely nothing else, is skilled in speaking many shit.d) any number of people who call everyone else sluts to hide the fact they either - haven`t gotten any.ever. or, are on their own, exceptionally promiscuous.