What does archipelago mean?

archipelago meaning in Law Dictionary

1. A team of islands in identical human anatomy of water which can be spread far aside from eachother. They have been element of a land mass near all of them. 2. An etrading company from the nyc stock-exchange that goes from nonprofit to revenue.

archipelago meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1500, from Italian arcipelago "the Aegean water" (13c.), from Greek arkhipelagos, from arkhi- "primary" (see archon) + pelagos "water" (see pelagic). The Aegean Sea being saturated in island stores, the meaning had been extended in Italian to "any ocean studded with islands." Klein, noting the absence of arkhipelagos in ancient or Medieval Greek (the current word in Greek is borrowed from Italian) believe it is an Italian blunder for Aigaion pelagos "Aegean water" (Medieval Latin Egeopelagus), or impacted by that name.

archipelago meaning in Business Dictionary

1. A scattered band of islands in the exact same human anatomy of water. The hawaiian islands are believed part of a larger land mass. Locations such Hawaii together with Virgin Islands are considered to be archipelagos. 2. Electronic-trading company acquired by the nyc Stock Exchange in 2005. Following the purchase the NYSE went from a not-for-profit business to a publicly exchanged for-profit business.

archipelago meaning in General Dictionary

a small grouping of many islands in a big body of liquid

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  • The Grecian Archipelago, or Aegean Sea, separating Greece from Asia Minor. It is studded with a vast wide range of small countries.
  • ergo: Any water or broad sheet of water interspersed with several islands or with several islands.

archipelago meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) The Grecian Archipelago, or Aegean water, separating Greece from Asia small. It's studded with a huge amount of tiny islands.

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  • (letter.) ergo: Any sea or wide sheet of liquid interspersed with many countries or with a team of islands.

Sentence Examples with the word archipelago

The most striking general fact as regards climate in the archipelago is that wherever that part of the south-east monsoon which has passed over Australia strikes, the climate is comparatively dry, and the vegetation is less luxuriant.

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