What does archduke mean?

archduke meaning in General Dictionary

A prince of this imperial group of Austria

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  • a sovereign prince regarding the former ruling household of Austria
  • A prince for the imperial category of Austria.

archduke meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1520s, from Middle French and Old French archeduc, from Merovingian Latin archiducem (c.750); see arch- + duke (n.). Formerly the subject associated with rulers of Austrasia, Lorraine, Brabant, and Austria; later on the titular dignity of the sons of Emperor of Austria. Associated: Archducal; archduchy.

archduke meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) A prince of imperial family of Austria.

Sentence Examples with the word archduke

A new cabinet was formed (June 2) by Baron von Beck, permanent under secretary of state in the ministry for agriculture, an official of considerable ability who had first acquired prominence as an instructor of the heir apparent, Archduke Francis Ferdinand, in constitutional and administrative law.

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