What does archaism mean?

archaism meaning in General Dictionary

an old antiquated or old fashioned word phrase or idiom a word or type of message no further in keeping usage

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  • the application of an archaic phrase
  • a historical, antiquated, or antique, term, phrase, or idiom; a word or as a type of address no longer in common usage.
  • Antiquity of design or use; obsoleteness.

archaism meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1640s, "retention of something old and outdated," from contemporary Latin archaismus, from Greek arkhaismos, from arkhaizein "to duplicate the ancients" (in language, etc.); see archaic. Meaning "an archaic word or appearance" is from c.1748.

archaism meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

A revival of archaic design as a consequence of dissatisfaction with a way previously considered ideal. -- L.V.

archaism meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) An ancient, antiquated, or conventional, term, phrase, or idiom; a word or type of speech no further in accordance usage.

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  • (a.) Antiquity of style or usage; obsoleteness.

Sentence Examples with the word archaism

He was already a poet by predilection, an idyllist and steeped in the classical archaism of the time, when, in 1784, his taste for the antique was confirmed by a visit to Rome made in the company of two schoolfellows, the brothers Trudaine.

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