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Arch Linux (or Arch) is an excellent Linux distribution intended to be lightweight and easy. The style method associated with development team centers on ease of use, style, signal correctness and minimalism.It is binary-based, unlike source-based distros (see gentoo, used by l33t hax0rs whom think that compiling every thing for a 1per cent performance gain may be worth their particular time).It is liked among knowledgeable linux users for functions like the 'pacman' package supervisor plus the AUR (Arch User-Community Repository) which contains PKGBUILD programs which simplify building plans not in the main repositories from resource. A GNU/Linux distro for vulnerable teenagers who desperately need certainly to prove to by themselves that they're l33t. Arch people (archtards) are fast believers when you look at the Archtard Way, which dictates that modifying configuration files by force could be the way to l33tness (see gentoo), even if all they're doing is right following guidelines from Arch wiki.Having set up Arch, among the first rites of passage when it comes to Archtard is look at the Ubuntu community forums and irc channels. Archtards love Ubuntu, given that it's one of the few communities in which they feel they are able to assert their particular l33tness without getting laughed at. They choose to offer insightlful solutions such "u should put in arch if u genuinely wish to find out linux", or even to explain just how n00b the Ubuntu distro is, and even though they were making use of Ubuntu last week.