What does arcanum mean?

arcanum meaning in General Dictionary

A secret a mystery generally speaking utilized in the plural

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  • information understood and then a special group
  • a key; a mystery; -- generally used in the plural.
  • A secret remedy; an elixir.

arcanum meaning in Etymology Dictionary

proper singular form of arcana.

arcanum meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

a vintage term virtually identical with occultism, its current equivalent. Arcana were originally accustomed protect the sacred things, including the Playthings of Dionysus in the Eleusinian rites, and a cognate is ark, like in the Ark of the Covenant.

arcanum meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) A secret; a mystery; -- usually utilized in the plural.

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  • (n.) A secret cure; an elixir.

Sentence Examples with the word arcanum

Cappel was also the author of Annotationes et Commentarii in Vetus Testamentum, Chronologia Sacra, and other biblical works, as well as of several other treatises on Hebrew, among which are the Arcanum Punctuationis revelatum (1624) and the Diatriba de veris et antiquis Ebraeorum literis (1645).

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