What does arcane mean?

arcane meaning in General Dictionary

concealed secret

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  • needing key or mysterious knowledge
  • Hidden; secret.

arcane meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1540s, from Latin arcanus "key, hidden, private, concealed," from arcere "up close, enclose, contain," from arca "upper body, field, location for safe-keeping," from PIE *ark- "to put on, contain, guard" (cognates: Greek arkos "defense," arkein "to prevent;" Armenian argel "obstacle;" Lithuanian raktas "key," rakinti "to shut, lock").

arcane meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Hidden; key.

Sentence Examples with the word arcane

Waite (1887); and The Arcane Schools, by John Yarker (1909), may be consulted with advantage, though not authorized publications of the Society.

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