What does arboretum mean?

arboretum meaning in General Dictionary

somewhere in which a collection of uncommon trees and shrubs is developed for clinical or academic functions

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  • a facility in which bushes tend to be developed for event
  • somewhere for which an accumulation unusual timberu000du000a is developed for medical or academic purposes.

arboretum meaning in Urban Dictionary

1. Somewhere in which every person belongs to a clique (because everyone has labels, like the plants in an arboretum). Often shortened to arb.2. Always explain whenever simple-minded individuals n00bs move online acronyms over into actuality, labelling their emotions with acronyms.

arboretum meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"tree-garden," 1838, from Latin arboretum, literally "a place grown with woods," from arbor "tree," which is of unknown origin, + -etum, suffix accustomed form the names of gardens and woods.

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arboretum meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) A spot for which an accumulation of unusual bushes is cultivated for systematic or educational functions.

Sentence Examples with the word arboretum

There is a fine arboretum in the botanical gardens at Ottawa, in Canada (65 acres).

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