What does arbitrator mean?

arbitrator meaning in General Dictionary

you or one of two or even more persons chosen by parties who have a debate to ascertain their differences See Arbitration

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  • some one opted for to evaluate and decide a disputed problem
  • people, or one of two or maybe more people, chosen by events who have a debate, to find out their particular distinctions. See Arbitration.
  • one that has the energy of deciding or prescribing without control; a ruler; a governor.

arbitrator meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. a person who conducts an arbitration, and functions as a judge whom conducts a "mini-trial," notably less officially than a court trial. Generally the arbitrator is an attorney, either alone or as part of a panel. Many court jurisdictions have listings of solicitors just who serve as arbitrators. Other arbitrators result from arbitration services which supply listings where the events can agree with an arbitrator (nearly all who tend to be resigned judges-even "People's legal" Judge Wapner is on such a panel in l . a . County). There is the American Arbitration Association which generally has a panel of attorneys chosen because of the connection. Professional arbitration solutions are paid really to go instances along. Additionally, there are arbitrators who will be professionals on from construction to maritime harm. In a few contracts there's a provision for such an expert-type arbitrator known as by each part with a third chosen because of the other two.

arbitrator meaning in Law Dictionary

private, disinterested person, selected by the parties to a disputed question, for the intended purpose of reading their particular assertion, and offering wisdom between them; to whose decision (honor) the litigants submit themselves either voluntarily, or, in some cases, coinpulsorily, by order of a court. Gordon v. U. S., 7 Wall. 195, 19 L. Ed. 35; mobile phone v. Wood (C. C.) 95 Fed. 538; Burchell v. Marsh, 17 IIow. 349, 15 L. Ed. 90; Miller v. Canal Co., 53 Barb. (N. Y.) 595; Fudickar v. Insurance Co., 02 N. Y. 399. "Referee" is of frequent modern use as a synonym of arbitrator, it is in its source of wider signification much less accurate than arbitrator.

arbitrator meaning in Etymology Dictionary

early 15c., from Old French arbitratour (13c.), from Latin arbitrator "a spectator, hearer, experience, judge," broker noun from previous participle stem of arbitrari, from arbiter (see arbiter). The legal as a type of popular arbiter; in contemporary use, an arbiter makes decisions of his own agreement and it is responsible to no one but himself; an arbitrator (very early 15c.) determines dilemmas labeled him because of the parties.

arbitrator meaning in Sports Dictionary

the state who oversees the procedure of this match while the choices that the referee and judges make whenever required. They could show an opinion on referee if desired. The arbitrator will direct and supervise the timekeeper. (recreation: Karate)

arbitrator meaning in Business Dictionary

Neutral third party to who conflicts between parties to a contract are posted for a determination ('award') based just on his or her discernment. An ad hoc arbitrator is certainly one just who determines a specific instance, whereas a permanent arbitrator is selected to hear all conflicts arising away from a specific agreement or during a certain duration.

arbitrator meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) A person who gets the power of determining or recommending without control; a ruler; a governor.

Sentence Examples with the word arbitrator

If there is no express provision on the point in the submission, an award under the Arbitration Act 1889 must be made within three months after the arbitrator has entered on the reference, or been called upon to act by notice in writing from any party to the submission.

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