What does arbitration mean?

arbitration meaning in General Dictionary

The hearing and dedication of a reason between events in controversy by you or persons opted for because of the parties

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  • (legislation) the hearing and determination of a dispute by an impartial referee decided to by both events (often accustomed settle conflicts between work and management)
  • the act of deciding as an arbiter; providing authoritative judgment
  • The hearing and determination of an underlying cause between parties in controversy, by a person or persons opted for because of the events.

arbitration meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. a mini-trial, which might be for a lawsuit ready to go to test, held so as to stay away from a court trial and conducted by you or a panel of people that aren't judges. The arbitration could be decided to because of the events, might be needed by a provision in a contract for deciding disputes, or can be given to under statute. To prevent blocked court calendars the parties often agree to possess matter based on a panel like one supplied by the United states Arbitration Association (that has a particular collection of principles), a retired judge, some other respected lawyer, or some organization that delivers these types of services. Typically contract-required arbitration might be changed into a legal judgment on petition on judge, unless some celebration has actually protested that there is a gross injustice, collusion or fraud. Numerous states provide for mandatory arbitration of cases on a non-binding basis into the hope these "mini-trials" (procedures) carried out by experienced lawyers will provide the parties a clearer image of the possible result and induce acceptance regarding the arbitrator's decision.

arbitration meaning in Law Dictionary

used. The research and dedication of a matter or matters of difference between contending functions, by several unofficial individuals, opted for because of the functions, and labeled as “arbitrators,” or “referees.” Duren v. Getchell, 55 Me. 241; Henderson v. Beaton”, 52 Tex. 43; Boyden v. Lamb. 152 Mass. 416, 25 N. E. 609; In re Curtis-Castle Arbitration, 64 Conn. 501. 30 Atl. 769. 42 Am. St. Rep. 200. Compulsory arbitration is that which happens if the consent of one associated with the functions is implemented by statutory terms. Voluntary arbitration is that which occurs by mutual and no-cost permission for the events. In a broad feeling, this term may embrace the whole approach to thus deciding controversies, and therefore feature all of the numerous actions. But in even more strict use, your choice is individually talked of, and called an “award,” in addition to “arbitration” denotes only the submitting and hearing.

arbitration meaning in Etymology Dictionary

belated 14c., "absolute choice," from Old French arbitracion, from Latin arbitrationem (nominative arbitratio) "judgment, will," noun of activity from past participle stem of arbitrari "to-be of an impression, provide a decision," from arbiter (see arbiter). Indicating "settlement of a dispute by a 3rd party" is from 1630s.

arbitration meaning in Business Dictionary

payment of a dispute (whether of-fact, law, or treatment) between functions to a contract by a neutral alternative party (the Arbitrator) without turning to court action. Arbitration is generally voluntary but it is sometimes required for legal reasons. If both sides consent to be bound by the arbitrator's choice (the 'award') it becomes a binding arbitration. The actual treatment to-be followed (if you don't contained in the agreement under dispute) is governed generally by a country's arbitration rules, or by the arbitration rules recommended because of the Overseas Chamber Of Commerce (ICC).

arbitration meaning in Insurance Dictionary

Referral of a dispute to an impartial alternative party plumped for because of the events in the dispute whom agree in advance to comply with the arbitrator's award granted after a hearing where both functions have an opportunity to be heard.

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arbitration meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) The hearing and determination of an underlying cause between functions in controversy, by someone or persons chosen because of the parties.

Sentence Examples with the word arbitration

But many of the barons stood neutral, not seeing how they could refuse to accept the arbitration they had courted, while a number not inconsiderable joined the king, deciding that Leicester had passed the limits of reasonable loyalty, and that their first duty was to the crown.

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