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'Arabz' is a word defining a topic individual. Also can be called with an increase of 'z' behind it (instances: arabzzz or arabzzzzz). It's an uncommon online-gaming word frequently accustomed relate to someone who lags and/or disconnects regarding a hosted game. Additionally, it's always express unsatisfactory with a newbie gamer just who lags behind and so, helps make the online game delay and slow for everyone else. Also to note, the arabz individuals gaming overall performance will drop awfully due to the lag. Worst instance to occur is the fact that lag is really so great, that arabz got disconnected from the online game which fundamentally, annoys their teammates and everybody else.Historical roots: a few online video gaming hosts exclude sub-servers particularly created for Middle-Eastern people (primarily Arabian users). For this reason these users must move to many other 'nearer' hosts like European sub-servers (known as rooms). Consequently, because of the usually distant connection, Arabian users will lag in games which troubles European hosts and servers.Trivia: The first gamer becoming described as an arabzz isn't Arabic by source. Interestingly, the gamer, whoever preliminary is 'F', is just a common asian player just who usually lags in hosted games. Actually, its disputed that the reason why if the term 'arabz' be used to describe such a poor reputation, since even Arabian people have better online game link than the alleged 'arabz' people.