What does arable mean?

arable meaning in General Dictionary

Arable land plow land

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  • Fit for plowing or tillage hence usually placed on land which was plowed or tilled
  • (of farmland) capable of being farmed productively
  • Fit for plowing or tillage; -- therefore, frequently placed on land that has been plowed or tilled.
  • Arable land; plow land.

arable meaning in Urban Dictionary

capable of being developed for developing crops.

arable meaning in Etymology Dictionary

early 15c., "ideal for plowing" (in place of pasture- or wood-land), from Old French arable (12c.), from Latin arabilis, from arare "to plow," from PIE *are- "to plow" (cognates: Greek aroun, Old Church Slavonic orja, Lithuanian ariu "to plow;" Gothic arjan, Old English erian, Middle Irish airim, Welsh arddu "to plow;" Old Norse ar

arable meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) complement plowing or tillage; -- therefore, often put on land which has been plowed or tilled.

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  • (letter.) land; plow land.

Sentence Examples with the word arable

The actual distribution of arable land, forests and meadows, in European Russia and Poland is shown in the following table The land in European Russia and Poland (Caucasia being excluded) is divided amongst the different classes of owners as follows Down to January 1st 1903, the peasants had actually redeemed out of the land allotted to them in 1861 a total of 280,530,516 acres..

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