What does arabesque mean?

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  • a method of ornamentation either painted inlaid or carved in reasonable relief It is composed of a design where plants fresh fruits foliage etc along with numbers of men and animals real or imaginary are fantastically interlaced or assembled
  • place in which the performer has actually one leg raised behind and hands outstretched in the standard present
  • an ornament that interlaces simulated vegetation in an intricate design
  • A style of ornamentation either coated, inlaid, or created in reduced relief. It is made of a structure in which plants, fresh fruits, foliage, etc., and figures of men and animals, genuine or imaginary, are fantastically interlaced or come up with.
  • Arabian.
  • regarding, or exhibiting, the style of ornament called arabesque; since, arabesque frescoes.

arabesque meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1610s, "Moorish or Arabic decorative design," from French arabesque (16c.), from Italian arabesco, from Arabo "Arab," with regards to Moorish design. As a ballet pose, first attested 1830. Musical feeling, in reference to an ornamented theme, is from 1864, originally the title provided by Robert Schumann to one of his piano pieces.

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A gymnast takes two actions before stretching forward to finish a jump ahead an arch. She will after that cross-step over with one fourth change and consistently switch until she has completed a half change. (recreation: Women's Gymnastics)

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  • a balance using one base using the various other leg raised large behind. (recreation: Rhythmic Gymnastics)
  • A sustained side that is not necessarily curved, using no-cost foot stretched to create a line or ascending bend using body. (recreation: Figure Skating)
  • Performed using a type of spiral and skating using body bent forward from the waistline with the no-cost leg stretched out at the rear of and lifted up. (recreation: Roller skating)

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Originally a technique of ornament comprising fantastic outlines. Recently, inner design of an application. -- L.V.

arabesque meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) A style of ornamentation either coated, inlaid, or created in reduced relief. It is comprised of a pattern which plants, fruits, foliage, etc., also numbers of men and creatures, genuine or imaginary, tend to be fantastically interlaced or come up with.

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  • (a.) Arabian.
  • (a.) concerning, or exhibiting, the model of ornament known as arabesque; since, arabesque frescoes.

Sentence Examples with the word arabesque

The Dar-el-Bey contains numerous rooms beautifully decorated in the Moorish style of the 18th century; and the judgment hall has a domed roof adorned with the delicate arabesque plaster-work known as Nuksh hadida.

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