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aq is some form of word-connective word mainly employed by turkish dudes. it's basicly abbeveration of amina koyim, that we later learned that, indicates fuck you. But it became therefore popular and people began to use it for wider meanings. After a statement-expressive phrase, as a manifestation of being astonished, being enraged, stressed, anxious, and nearly all types of state-expressions. Quick for Ahn'Qiraj. A top degree raid example in World of Warcraft. Are available in south Silithus. Contains employers such Skeram, Sartura, Fankriss, Huhuran, Twin Emperors, C'thun, bug trio, Ouro and Viscidus. A brief unknown sexual encounter arranged with an appthat features a place filter in order to discover someone or a group who is located very close to you, and is also selecting brief unknown intercourse. hip new term for just about any questions 1. Adventure QuestAn game on the internet.2. Ahn'QirajA dungeon/raid from the game wow (Otherwise generally WoW) Any queries. Coined by J.D. On Scrubs. It really is quick for "ass quotient". Take the quantity of times you have got intercourse split by the total number of times. Example: For those who have sex 15 times out-of 20 your AQ is 75.