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1) Applied Science2) some Shit3) Advanced location courses 1) Alabama Press Syndicate2) A Bit Of Sh*t Female, frequently peaceful but recognized for her naughty behavior. Will sleep together close friend's boyfriend rather than feel bad whatsoever. Outfits like a whore and does not have ambition. To never be reliable around other people's boyfriends. Acute crotch Syndrome.A tendency of someone for which they claim is prepared to make a move, (for example get with a lady,) and right back out of the scenario for no obvious explanation. APS:Angry Pretend SleeperAn Angry Pretend Sleeper is somebody who is trying to and even pretending to sleep whilst a team of individuals are carrying in a social manner and also at a disruptive volume in identical area as or close to this individual. In such a scenario, the APS pretends become asleep so as never to be regarded as a "party pooper", but is all the while fatigued, exasperated, and fuming, feeling progressively bitter resentment towards those depriving all of them of sleep. Fundamentally the APS will get to sleep regarding pure mental and psychological fatigue, but not before angrily and involuntarily eavesdropping on numerous pointless, unfunny drunken proclamations. 1)noun Originally suggests Used Science. Recently, APS=A little bit of Shit.